College-Bound Senior Essay Contest

This essay contest is designed with the intent to identify a promising college-bound senior at Carrboro, East and Chapel Hill High School for a $450 scholarship towards paying their college education.

This year’s essay contest topic highlights the importance of servant-leadership. Servant-leadership is a concept defined by a leader putting the needs of the people they lead above all else, including their own for organizational excellence. Students are asked to write an essay about a moment where they demonstrated servant-leadership and critically analyze moments where they were challenged. Servant leaders are seldom recognized for their work, however, these leaders achieve satisfaction not only through recognition, but the overall achievements of the organization they lead.

The essays will be assessed through the following criteria:

  1. General writing proficiency & grammar
  2. Properly addresses the prompt
  3. Demonstrates a clear understanding of servant-leadership
  4. Impact of the story

The due date for all submissions is November 23, 2018. Finalists will be announced December 1st, 2018. Overall winner of the essay contest will be announced December 10th, 2018.

By participating in this essay contest you acknowledge that the submitted essay may be posted publicly on our website if you are a finalist or a winner.

All submissions will be sent to Please reach out to this email address with any questions.