Newsletter: Spring 2018

Over the past year The Sodgerel Foundation has continued it’s mission to eliminate financial inequality in the classroom. The club grant program has continued to invest hundreds of dollars into student-led ideas, initiatives and projects. This year The Sodgerel Foundation aims to establish permanent programs at East Chapel Hill High School oriented around standardized testing preparation for both the SAT and ACT.

This program will utilize local tutors and will be run as an after-school program for all interested students free of charge. The program will be three weeks long and take place once a semester for both the SAT and ACT. All course material will be provided.

We have decided to begin this program to address the growing issue of exorbitant prices for ACT/SAT test preparation. Although standardized testing is advertised to be an accurate measure of student competence regardless of preparation – one cannot refute the fact that preparation can dramatically improve test performance. In addition – both the SAT and ACT are weighted heavily in most college admission decisions and it is imperative we give our students the best preparation in order to excel.


The coming months will include some new projects that have been recommended for us to pursue that would bring more opportunities for students in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School District. Some of these include:

  • Starting a joint-JROTC program across all three district high schools
  • “Student of the Quarter” program that recognizes a student every 3 months for excellence in academic, leadership and physical performance
  • Expansion of the grant program to include fees for summer STEM workshops, camps and conferences.
  • Hosting student-parent-alumni conferences to create mentoring opportunities and network students, parents and alumni.


If you have any other recommendations or would like more information about anything on this newsletter please send an email to :

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