Monthly Newsletter: September

The last month has seen the reinvestment of over a thousand dollars into our community through both scholarship programs and our new club grant program. Both programs have been met with great success and we are excited to see the positive results from the September budget.

The club grant program quickly met its budget cap just a week into its implementation. We received many applications and were very impressed with some of the projects students were working on. Namely, two student clubs stood out from the rest. The first organization, the French National Honors Society, requested a grant to provide free foreign language tutoring to supplement a funding-poor language department at East Chapel Hill High School. Additionally the East InspiHER Club requested a grant to supplement their ability to bring more successful women into STEM-related career fields. Both of these initiatives align well with the core mission of the Sodgerel Foundation. We look forward to seeing these organizations operating with a higher ceiling this semester.


October Outlook:

For the month of October we plan to continue the club grant program based on the initial successes in September. The executive board is moving towards establishing individual scholarships and awards for high-performing community leaders. These programs are planned to open at the beginning of 2017.


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