New Club Grant Program

From the beginning I have been a huge advocate of small student-led initiatives. Much like a healthy national economy, which requires a large amount of successful small businesses to remain robust, a healthy learning environment requires many smaller student clubs to operate in order to thrive.

It is the small student-led initiatives that caters collectively to the broadest audience of interests and fosters creativity at the individual level. Without these small groups operating many opportunities for students to express themselves become difficult to find-or nonexistent altogether.

I’ve worked throughout my highschool career to make the small student-led initiative the forefront of high school development focus. While serving as Student Body President at East Chapel Hill High school I pushed hard to reorganize the student government to be a body that serves the students, namely, through supporting student clubs by taking a more governance role rather than managerial. A managerial outlook on operating a student government only stymies individual self-thought. After years of practicing a primarily managerial leadership role motivation and precedent to create unique student-led organizations and events began to dwindle. Fortunately, student government adopted a new senate procedure that began to take less of a managerial and shift towards a governance body. Student government began to set outstanding precedent by granting loans to student clubs that needed large amounts of funds to execute their own unique events. This focus now puts individual efforts, creativity and diversity at the forefront of school development.

Today, I’m very proud to announce that I am continuing my commitment to small-student led initiatives with a new grant program. This new grant program will offer new or established small student-led organizations up to 100 dollars to pursue a project they are determined to finish. The intent of this program is to make financial status a non-factor in the classroom and to encourage healthy intellectual growth.

To take advantage of this new program please visit the club grant request page on our website.

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